About Vantage Point Aerial Photography & Videography

Vantage Point Aerial Photography & Videography, was created out of my desire to challenge my piloting and photography abilities. Vantage Point is an amalgamation of three of my passions: photography, aviation and anything remote controlled. The concept is to safely capture high definition aerial photos and videos from angles unachievable by conventional methods, efficiently and at a realistic cost. The core structure behind my business is to have outstanding customer service along with the highest quality product for the right price. Vantage Point Aerial is a completely mobile business, with fast deployment and job completion times. A basic photo shot delivering stunning high definition aerial photos or video can take as little as an hour. Vantage Point will consider nearly any aerial photography or videography project. Do you need a video that slowly pans over a high end property for real estate advertising purposes? Maybe you’re a homeowner that would like a photo taken that allows you to inspect the exterior condition of your chimney. How about a breath taking aerial photo of your wedding, or a high definition video capturing a lone kayaker cruising the coast? Maybe you just need to see something from an aerial perspective. Vantage Point can do all of these things and more. The only limit to aerial photography and videography applications is your imagination.


About Dusty (Owner/Operator/Pilot/Photographer)

Hi, my name is Dusty Morris, and I am the owner/operator of Vantage Point Aerial photography and videography.  Ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated with anything remote controlled (R.C.), especially ones that flew. The second I got my hands on anything remote controlled, I would be outside operating it, until I was either out of batteries, gas, daylight, or - all three. As I got older, the remote controlled toys got bigger, more complex and a lot more expensive but my passion continued to grow with the technology, from collective pitch helicopters that fly upside down to 1/16 scale jets that top out at about 90kmh. While it may look like a toy, it takes a specific skill set and a lot of practice to successfully take off, fly, operate and land the Draganflyer X6. Controlling remote equipment has become second nature to me, along with the ability to operate safely in a 3 dimensional environment and take photos or video at the same time. Now at 31 years old, I am piloting a $30,000 technological marvel that demands an extreme amount of mental focus, hand eye coordination, situation awareness and split second decision making. Combining 15 years’ experience flying high end R.C. helicopters and planes along with 5 years amateur photography experience, I have managed to fuse two passions into a unique set of qualifications. I was once told by a very wise individual that if you find a job you love to do, you never work a day in your life, and I love what I do.

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