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Aerial Photography & Videography Packages

All packages include delivery of 15 high definition photos (that you select from the approximately 50+ photos taken). Your 15 (fifteen) selected photos will be edited on site after the flight. All photos and video are delivered to you in digital format on a USB flash drive that you keep. No hourly rates, no fuel surcharge, guaranteed, for any location on Vancouver Island.

(Basic photo shoots require about 1 hour)

Bronze pack $199.99 - Personal photography

(*photos taken in a personal session cannot be used for promotion or advertisement.)

Examples of Personal Photography sessions can include:

Panoramic photos,
Vacation home photos, 
Aerial photo to plan landscaping, 
Roof inspections

Silver pack $299.99 - Event photography

(*for special events that will not be used for promotional purposes.)

Examples of Event Photography sessions can include:

Family or Class Reunions,
Group photos for special events (not to be used for promotional purposes).

Gold pack $399.99 - Promotional photography

(*photos used for promotional purposes or advertising).

Examples of "Gold" Pack Promotional Photography sessions can include:

Personal Real Estate For Sale
Real Estate Development Projects
Commercial Real Estate
Car Dealerships
Golf Courses
Company group photos for website or promotional purposes

Platinum pack $599.99 - Promotional photography + short edited video

(*promotional photos and video of any subject.)

Examples of  "Platinum" Pack Promotional Photography sessions can include:

Real Estate Development Projects
Commercial Real Estate Developments
Car Dealership Events
Golf Courses
Tourism Related Projects
Non-profit event photos or video for promotional purposes


Stand alone video projects will be quoted due to a wide range of variables starting at a minimum of $299.99 (editing not included). If you want raw (unedited) footage you will receive your files the same day as the flight. $50/hr for any video editing.

Backup files of all projects are kept on file in case anything should happen to your copies.

Limits and Conditions:

Our equipment cannot be operated within 5 km of any airport. We will not fly the equipment in any densely populated areas (such as downtown). Maximum climb limit - 400 ft ceiling . Operator requires a 100 ft safe zone for takeoff and landings. Line of sight flying only. 20 km/h wind limit. For group photos only well informed individuals can be involved in the shot. No flying over crowds. All flights must be Transport Canada approved. 

*Vantage Point Aerial Photography & Videography reserves the right to all photos and video taken by Vantage Point. 

*Vantage Point photographs and video are not to be used for any purposes by any other third party without permission.

*Prices subject to change

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Aerial Photography & Videography Services for Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island.